Cast Iron Radiators and Glass Blowing

LAL INTERNATIONAL has locally developed and sourced a range of cast iron radiators for a French company. Rebuilding of cast radiator is truly a work of art made for art amateurs. Ideal for monuments or character buildings restoration, their robustness will pass through generations. All products owe their quality to absolute command of casting process that guarantees strong and meticulous making.


Lal International also deals in glass products manufactured by glassblowers who create beautiful, innovative pieces with quality, character and distinctiveness and sells to a few companies in Europe.


Lal International offers a range of wrought iron products (railings, gates, grills) to complement all styles of architecture and any environment. Unit consists of highly qualified professionals: wrought iron-craftsmen, polishers, lacquerers, and designers who produce and constantly innovate with respect to tradition.


Wrought Iron Grills & Gates